It started with a passion: the photography. Thanks to it we achieve to get those important and intimate moments of your wedding day.

Juan Martín Restituto Wedding Photographer in Ibiza

Wedding Photographer from ibiza, photography lover and wedding passionate, what we want is to capture those moments, those instants where boyfriends express their feelings, our photography is simple but elegant, a natural photography, we love that partners get married like they've always dreamt, to do the wedding that they've always desired.

For us being photographer what important most is how to treat you, lately almost all of the clients contact us via social networking, emails or by phone, that's why we always want a meeting in our office, we want to see our clients and so do our clients will know more about us, for me having a small "circle of trust" is important.

Pre Wedding in Ibiza

Those sessions that seems meaningless, for photographers the Pre Wedding is very important, it's the ideal moment for us to know each other and most of all for us to know you, our clients, better.

The Big day, the day that we're all waiting for , your Wedding Day

That day I will be all yours, I will be with you always, we will start in your house, we'll go to the ceremony and we will enjoy wandering while your visitors go to the venue and the last but not the least, the dance,the most enjoyable and entertaining moment .

The book of your dreams

I love that name to tell you about your Wedding Album, the wedding albums they're made out of materials with maximum quality and personalized by you 100% you can choose your own cover page, the skin that it covers and the bag or box where you will keep it, has 60 pages and a maximum of 120 photos, we consider that it's the ideal quantity for your photos to shine and glow for it's beauty.

The PostWedding, or Trash The Dress

Your suit doesn't have to be kept in your wardrobe , you need to show and surrender homage. How? With a session Trash the Dress or the famous post Wedding. It's not literally meant "Trash the Dress" these sessions are very enjoyable you don't have the same pressure as the day of your wedding, we will look for some great place and ends in a beach or enjoying the sunset from the clear water of ibiza.

JMR Fotografia Ibiza - Vestido noviaJMR Fotografia Ibiza - CelebracionJMR Fotografia Ibiza - Ramo de novia

When you hire us to fulfill your wedding, it's not just going and meeting on a concrete day and time and do photos, we involve, help, advice and guide the boyfriends for them to achieve the coverage of the wedding that they've always dreamt, it's about knowing us and knowing your desires, that's why we make different meetings before the day you've been waiting "Your Wedding" for that when the big day comes there'll be no unexpected things, no doubts and everything flow naturally.

Our style of photography is based on “stolen shots”, trying to capture the essence and simplicity of every moment, avoiding the excess of too much pose, that in almost all of them results to be forced and lose the simplicity of the photography. We are equipped of professional photography with the latest cameras and lenses in the market.

Also, there's a possibility to realize some packs accommodating the necessities of every client. Contact us and convert your special day, "Your Wedding" unique.

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